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Governo all'uso Toscano Chianti wine price

Chianti DOCG


Made with Sangiovese grapes vinified according to the traditional "Governo all'uso Toscano" (Tuscan Rule) with the addition of withered Colorino Toscano. The resulting wine is a bright ruby red colour, with a round, fruity aroma and a fresh, lively flavour.

Technical datasheet

Alcohol content: 13% Vol.

Grape varieties: Obtained from Sangiovese (90%), produced with bunches of withered grapes of Colorino Toscano (10%).

Production technique: The hand-harvested grapes are vinified in compliance with an old tradition which has always characterised Chianti wine: "Governo all'uso Toscano", which means Tuscan-style production.This particular technique consists in adding fresh must, obtained from "selected and slightly withered" grapes, to the fermented and freshly racked wine: this reactivates fermentation, which continues slowly until a dry and stable wine is obtained. Subsequently, the wine is stored for ageing in steel tanks and released for sale after maturing in the bottle for at least 3 months.

Organoleptic characteristics:
- COLOUR: bright ruby red with violet hues;
- BOUQUET: excellent fruity aroma, rounded, intensely vinous and agreeable;
- FLAVOUR: harmonious, fresh and sapid flavour with a vinous aftertaste reminiscent of the flavours of the grape harvest.

Accompaniments: This wine can be drunk with all courses of a meal, but its talents are enhanced when it is served with all kinds of dressed pork, cheeses and meat.

Indications: pour at a temperature of at least 18C.